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What to do with an empty lot


Walks Around Seattle Continued

small gate

Bicycle wheel gate

This gate delights me in many ways. While it may have been made by the homeowner, it shows clever use of repurposed materials. I appreciate the movement of the wheel and the large wing-nut used as a handle reminds me of a wind-up toy.

The groove in the path is a nice solution to assist with tracking. The bearings on the track are a nice touch also.

chain-link, pipe railing, fabricated railing, wood fence and cobblestone steps.

So many materials and methods

What catches my eye, after noticing the cobblestones, is the variety of materials used in such close proximity to each other. A pipe handrail, chain-link fence, a wood fence and a fabricated railing all live happily together at this person’s entryway.

Walks around Seattle

Some things catch my eye while I am out walking about. As a blacksmith/metalworker, it is only natural that I would notice the sort of things that I might be called upon to make. As a designer, I am fascinated by the vast number of solutions that others come up with and what has been done before.

This is a pictoral journey that captures some interesting objects I find during my walks. Some bear strong evidence of a human hand. Some carry the indelible marks of age and speak to a time that has come before. I find all of these interesting in some way. I hope you enjoy walking with me.

old garden gate

A gate on a path

old gate by old shed wall

Gate in situ

Bracelet Making Class October 20, 2012

I’m excited to be teaching a class at Pratt Fine Arts Center again! This time it is a one-day workshop on forging simple bracelet forms (such as cuff bracelets) in Pratt’s nicely equipped jewelry studio.

Bracelet samples

Display and photo by Rebbecca Tomas.

The class is primarily intended for jewelers interesting in working some hot metal and expanding their vocabulary of metal working skills. However, novice blacksmiths who are interested in delving into the world of jewelry will also be interested in some of the jewelry making aspects. Steel will be the primary metal used, with some demonstrations using other metals.

Heat it! Hammer it! Bend it! Wear it!

The class was great! Plenty of enthusiasm and energy!