Of Similar Minds

I came upon this site today from The Remodeling Guy. It reminded me of an earlier post I made. Here is an excerpt from his post:

If someone told you to go out and have your own unique custom new car made, you would probably think they were either way too rich or just plain crazy.  Cars are expensive enough when mass produced, let alone made just for you. Interestingly, the price bump for custom made building products is rarely as substantial.

There! Why settle for mass-produced when you can get what you really want?

I agree with most of his points, except one. If someone were to show up at my smithy with thoughtfully considered drawings, I would give them a discount. Not only do good drawings make my job easier, it conveys to me that the customer wants to work as a team.

When I have services done for me that I cannot do myself, I try my best to make their job as easy as possible. I try to think what information I would want, if I were them. And I try to keep an open mind, knowing that I don’t know everything.


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