Buy locally. Is it so new?

The concept of supporting a local economy, using regional resources, might seem like a new idea. But what did people do before the internet connected us on a global level? They bought locally.

As an artist/craftsman/blacksmith with 30+ years of making stuff to fulfill the needs of happy customers, this is not such a new concept. The commissioning process seemed so much simpler back in the ’80’s. People wanted stuff made and they found someone to make it. There was maybe an hour or so of negotiating, discovering that both parties had sufficient integrity (the artist will produce and the client will pay what was agreed upon). And thus a deal was done.

It is a different world now. So much design taste is thrust upon us by mass-marketing of production-made goods. An example that comes to mind is the iPad. It really is an elegant design, thoughtfully considered. But have you ever wondered how many identical objects are made to meet the need of consumers? It is a one-size-fits-all approach.

What do you think an iPad would cost if you were to contact Apple and ask for one 1/2 inch larger? Or 1/4 inch smaller and an ounce lighter. I suggest you try.

This is the need where a local artisan/blackmith can really shine. Do you buy a suit off the rack, or do you get one custom made? With a 2,000+ year history, the local blacksmith in your community has not gone away. We just stopped shoeing horses about a hundred years ago. We are still equally driven to make customers happy.

It might seem odd, in a time of specialization, to find someone capable of making light fixtures, lighting fixtures, railings, hand rails, shelf brackets, curtain rods, drapery hardware, pot racks, cabinet and door hardware, fireplace screens, fireplace tools, fireplace andirons, fireplace surrounds, fireplace grates, handrails, gates, entry gates, driveway gates, wrought-iron fences, hinges, latches, resoration work, sculpture, design consultation, window grilles, nails and so much more. That is what we do.  



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