Sweeping curves, traditional joinery

Gates of the imagination

A detail of a pair of gates

There were two sets of gates across the road from where I grew up. I used to visit them as a child and admire the spider webs that decorated them in late summer. I would visit at other times as well; how the stark contrast with the snow made them seem even more solid, or how well-placed they seemed as the first buds of spring began to emerge. When I was small, I would sometimes touch them ever-so-lightly, afraid that I might make them tremble upon the hinges set in stone columns.

It has been over forty years since I first interacted with these gates. Now I call myself a blacksmith and have done so for over twenty years. When I see these gates now, I still marvel over the construction and regardless of how often I have seen them before, I still find new things to admire. The difference between myself as child and myself as a seasoned, adult blacksmith, is that I grasp them with both hands now.


2 responses to “Inspirations

  • Paul Casey

    These examples are not my work. However, they have certainly been an inspiration to me. They seem to “belong” there, set between pillars of native stone. That, to me, is an example of good design. It can be called tradional or a host of other labels, but when it seems “just right”, that is a success.

  • Rebbecca Tomas

    What a beautiful piece of writing. Most of the objects from our childhoods exist in our memories only–I really like that you’ve been able to revisit these gates as an adult, and experience them from these different vantage points.

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